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GSA Past Performance

The GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) program offers practically every business a fantastic opportunity to broaden its customer base to include potential federal clients. The MAS program provides more than three hundred Special Item Numbers (SINs), which significantly increases the chances of success for potential contractors offering goods and services.
When a potential contractor determines that applying for a GSA contract is their company’s best course of action, they must prepare their GSA Schedule Proposal.
Providing evidence of past Performance and undertakings related to the products and services you want to offer to the GSA is one of the essential components of creating a successful GSA schedule proposal.

What is The GSA Past Performance Requirement

The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 42.15 mandates that agencies create past performance reviews for orders having a performance term (including options) of longer than a year. The agencies must electronically submit these findings to the Past Performance Information Retrieval System.
The (CPARS) website instructions show how agencies must evaluate past performance annually.
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Why is GSA past Performance a Requirement of the Federal Goverment

The federal government requests references, just like it would when applying for a job, to demonstrate that you have the necessary experience supplying these goods and services and have the resources to maintain them for the duration of your contract.
Past Performance, which the government views as a predictor of future Performance, is a crucial consideration in a contractor’s GSA Schedule Offer. In the technical area of a GSA Schedule Offer, you provide Past Performance, emphasizing your subject-matter expertise.

What is Needed to Show GSA Past Performance

In the technical component of their bid, all potential GSA contractors must include questionnaires and references showing Past Performance. When presenting a GSA Schedule Proposal Offer, interested vendors must have at least three questionnaires and customer references. Services contractors must also create past project narratives.

An illustration of a Statement of Work (SOW) comparable in scope to what will be presented on your GSA Schedule is to be provided to GSA in a past project narrative.
Using past project narratives, GSA can determine whether the scope of work matches the SIN you are after as a prospective vendor. The Statements of Work presented to GSA must have been finished within the last two years, or if they are ongoing, at minimum, have the base year completed. Prospective vendors must create a three to four-page narrative outlining the breadth of work that has been accomplished or is being completed for the project utilizing these Statements of Work.