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dod priorities for cloud computing

DoD Priorities for Cloud Computing

The Department of Defense strategic initiatives are to develop a new course of action with devsecops, agile, and cloud computing, which will help military services and their missions, as a whole. This new direction will also engage commercial cloud services vendors, a pre-existing source, to immediately leverage commercial sector cloud innovations for DoD operations. Further information available at Defense Priorities for Cloud Computing. This new agile development in Military use of cloud computing, which has the potentials to optimize DoD operations, is a move toward collaboration and efficiency which helps the military to be more effective with mobile devices and other related cloud technology. DoD is ready to implement new cloud approaches to further progress these DoD priorities for cloud computing benefits.

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DoD priorities for Cloud Computing

The key part of DoD’s strategy to cloud computing is the Joint Information Environment, a safe room where administrators can progressively share applications and data. The JIE is a collaboration concept comprising of a few separate contributors which benefits the group as a whole.

Terry Halvorson, the Navy’s former CIO, said in a recent event about the importance of cloud computing, “The military faces dilemmas in managing and deploying IT systems. The biggest changes and challenges in the department are not hardware or software, but cultural. The DoD is working on a new cloud computing policy. Although the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) recently was removed as the lead agency for selecting the military’s cloud providers, it is still involved in the process. Under the new policy, the individual services will be able to select their own cloud providers. I want the DoD to move to commercial clouds, such as Amazon or Google, where possible. DISA’s new role in this process will be to ensure that commercial cloud providers meet DoD security standards.”

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He further said, “That’s the technical piece. The second piece is we’ve got to change people’s thoughts. One of the big cultural changes that the new cloud policy implies is that individual services, agencies, and commands are no longer able to hoard their data or run their own data centers. The military can no longer afford to operate in this way; instead, the DoD is moving to more distributed data operations based in the cloud. The challenge remains in convincing data owners to physically ‘let go” of it’.”

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